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Who does not want to show off long, abundant, and curly eyelashes? The eyes are one of the most beautiful attributes of a person, which is why a beauty routine specially designed to enhance that part of the face that causes so much enigma, mysticism, and charm is necessary.  

Now you can show off longer, thicker and curlier eyelashes with these useful tips that you can’t miss. If you follow these simple steps, we assure you that you will have a dreamy look in no time. 

How To Have Longer Eyelashes Is The Best Trick!

We like to wear long lashes, very long and if possible XL size. To achieve this, it is not necessary to resort to false eyelashes or eyelash extensions; With the tricks that you are going to discover today, you will be able to show off more than voluminous and extra-long eyelashes.

These are some of the tricks to get longer and more abundant eyelashes that you should follow when putting on makeup. With them, you will have a visually more attractive look. Everything in a simple way with tools that you probably already have at home.

If you have long lashes and want to make them longer, here is a trick that you should try. Using a mascara wand, gently pull back the eyelid while looking at the mirror, then slowly open it again, and repeat until your eyelash reaches its full length. The secret is to open your eye slowly, not too fast so that you don’t stretch the skin and eyelid too much.

1: Curl The Lashes

The first step to take is to curl them. Remember that you should never use the curling iron when there is moisture in them, if you just got out of the shower, let them dry for a while or use a dryer. 

Gently press several times along the lash path to get a good result. A good trick is to apply a little heat to the curling iron. You can get it with a hot air gun directly on it and you will notice a big difference. 

2: Mascara

To apply the mascara of your choice, you have to do it in zigzagging movements, unloading more product at the root and less at the tip, letting it rest for a few seconds between layers. 

Our trick is to add a little talcum or translucent powder with a clean brush before applying the second layer of mascara. This will make them much longer and thicker. 

3: Comb, Outline, And Makeup

After the mask, you can use a toothbrush to comb them. This will prevent lumps from forming and give them more volume. To increase this effect, outline the root of your lashes, and do not forget to make up the upper water line. This will give it a visual touch of volume and depth.

4) Remove Makeup 

When removing make-up, do it gently and use a make-up remover based on water and oil, which can be olive, almond, or coconut. The oil will help nourish your lashes as well as your eyelids. 

You should never forget to remove all makeup at bedtime; Otherwise, your lashes could weaken and break. To strengthen them and stimulate their growth, after removing makeup, we can brush them with a mascara brush (clean, without mascara) and a little oil or Vaseline.

Tips To Keep Eyelashes Long And Strong 

Now that you know how to have long and abundant eyelashes, we will give you some tips to always keep them that way. In our following list, you will find natural ingredients that will help your eyelashes grow faster and better, take note!

1: Apply Petroleum Jelly To Your Eyelids And Eyelashes

Before going to sleep, apply a little Vaseline on your eyelids and eyelashes, and leave it on overnight to keep them healthy and looking good. I encourage you to read more about this blog here: How To Do Super Easy Halloween Makeup

2: Brush Them 

Brush them daily. This will stimulate hair growth. Do it consistently and you will see results after three to four weeks. Combine this tip with the previous ones and you will not regret it. 

3: Apply Green Tea To Your Eyes 

Apply a couple of green tea bags on your completely clean and makeup-free eyes. This drink is recognized for its antioxidant effects and its high content of flavonoids, which will favor the resistance of your eyelashes.  

4: Eat Foods With Keratin

Eat foods with a high degree of keratin. Keratin is one of the greatest allies of hair, so do not stop consuming foods rich in protein such as fish, chicken, rice, legumes, and eggs.  

5:Use Olive Oil

Use olive oil to promote growth. To do this, combine one part of lemon juice with four parts of olive oil in a jar and shake vigorously. Apply along the lashes taking care not to get the mixture in the eyes. Leave on for twenty minutes and rinse with plenty of cold water. You can do this routine in the morning and at night every day. 

How To Prevent Your Lashes From Breaking? 

When you look in the mirror, you often notice that you have a few stray hairs. These are called lashes, and they grow on your eyebrows. Although they are not hair, they look very similar to hair in terms of their appearance. This is because the follicles that grow these lashes are actually part of your skin.

If you are lucky enough to have very long lashes, then you may sometimes think about what you can do to make them longer. There are some ways that you can keep your lashes looking longer, and today, we will go over the best method.

1: Remove Makeup Before Bed

Don’t go to sleep with makeup on, especially if you have mascara on your lashes. This can cause them to break or fall off.  

2: Don’t Put On too Much Mascara

Wipe off excess mascara before applying it.  

3: Be Delicate

When applying makeup, do it in a kind way, in the same way when you remove your makeup. Avoid rubbing your eyes. When using a curling iron, don’t press too hard. 

4: Eat Healthily

Considerably reduce the consumption of saturated fats, since these prevent the healthy growth of your eyelashes.  

With these tips, we assure you that you will wear longer and thicker eyelashes. You will notice the changes in a few weeks. Not to mention that you can say goodbye to extensions and false eyelashes, now you can wear long lashes naturally and, of course, much stronger and more abundant. 


When you take a quick glance around at the men you know, you’ll notice that they tend to have longer eyelashes than women.

If you want to increase your eyelash length, you should use lash mascara. When using mascara, it’s important that you choose a product that is right for your lashes. The perfect mascara for your eyelashes will add volume, definition, and length.

To get the best results, you should apply the mascara from the base to the tips. For longer lashes, you should apply mascara from the base to the end. If you want to create a fluttery eye, you should apply the mascara towards the base.

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