The 15 Best Baby Clothing Brands

Choosing your baby’s clothes is one of the most important tasks that parents can undertake even before the birth of the little one. If you want to choose your little one’s clothing only among the best brands, you can’t stop reading this article where we will mention the 15 best baby clothing brands.

How To Choose The Best Baby Clothing Brand

As parents of newborn babies, you know how important it is to find clothing brands that fit your budget and your baby’s changing needs. Choosing the best baby brand isn’t as hard as it seems, but you have to start by choosing the right criteria. In this guide, I’ll help you figure out which clothing brand will fit your needs and your baby’s needs best. We’ll look at what to consider when buying a new baby clothes brand, including:

1. Carter’s

This American brand is famous not only in the United States, but its quality and good taste have reached countries throughout the Western world. It is a manufacturer that uses excellent manufacturing materials and its designs are simply exceptional so that your baby looks very cute.

Such is the quality of Carter’s that it is estimated that a quarter of babies in the United States dress with this firm. This detail is not minor since it also speaks of an excellent value for money.

2. Monica + Andy

It is also a North American brand and despite being relatively new, it has risen by leaps and bounds among baby clothing brands mainly due to its high quality, affordable prices, and truly adorable designs.

Among its wide variety of products, you can find small pajamas, dresses, t-shirts, and more. The bad news is that they only have four official stores available, although they do have shipping within the country.

3. Kiabi

It is a brand with a long tradition as it has been on the market since 1978. Even so, its current designs are quite innovative and retain the manufacturing quality that has characterized them so much for decades.

A very special feature of Kiabi is that they have an exclusive line for premature babies or very small sizes. This is certainly not a minor detail and it will surely be very helpful to a large number of parents.

4. Armani Junior

As you can see, this brand focuses on luxury designs so that your baby shows off with all the style. However, it is also characterized by offering a high level of comfort due to its excellent manufacturing materials, which are hypoallergenic.

5. Ralph Lauren

It is another prestigious brand that carries with it years of more than proven tradition. Ralph Lauren’s baby line features a bountiful variety of clothing that will work for children of many sizes; They also have clothing for all seasons of the year.

Although it is true that it is not the cheapest brand you will find, this is supplemented by the excellent quality in each of its models, in addition to having some of the most beautiful and elegant designs that you will find in children’s clothing.

6. Petit Bateau

This French brand has a virtually unrivaled track record of 125 years of experience in this market. Its baby clothes are refined and with an exceptional style, the manufacturing method is a knitted fabric, which guarantees comfortable models with great durability.

In their repertoire, they have rompers, t-shirts, and even small coats that will keep your baby very warm in the coldest months of the year. Petit Bateau is a sample of the excellent baby clothing brands that can be found in Europe.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Kids

This American brand has its own line for babies, which stands out for showing the characteristic style of its clothes for adults. Not to mention the manufacturing quality which is simply unbeatable, with top-of-the-line materials to guarantee very durable garments.

The designs and colors follow the American style to the letter, which is already a registered trademark, and although they are not the cheapest garments you will find, they are undoubtedly the best options you will come across.

8. Burberry

This brand is originally from England and comes to surprise for the good taste of its garments and the level of detail that its finishes present. Its colors are vivid and very elegant such as matte, ivory, and camel, in addition to its designs are very attached to current fashion trends.

The prints are of the highest quality and have a very wide variety for boys and girls of different sizes. The manufacturing materials are top of the line such as very soft cotton and cashmere.

9. Little Oh!

This brand was born in Barcelona and in a short time has earned a place among the most prominent baby clothing manufacturers in Spain and throughout Europe. Their clothes are adorable, they have models available for all times of the year and they are also practical and comfortable.

They also have basket sets for newborns, with which you can make a very special gift for parents before the birth of the little one. The garments are made of 100% cotton and are breathable.

10. Say Please

If you would like to instill in your baby love for the environment from her earliest years, then Say Please is the brand you need. It is a completely Eco-Friendly line, since its garments are made with organic cotton, omitting non-renewable materials but without neglecting quality one bit.

In addition to being sustainable, Say Please has very aesthetic designs that will give your baby a unique style. They have garments suitable for different ages and sizes, so it is a quite versatile brand.

11. Limobasics

The wide variety of models and colorful and highly aesthetic designs make up the distinctive style of this fabulous brand. They have a wide variety of garments such as comfortable bodies for the little ones, panties, and t-shirts made with very high-quality materials that are easy to wash and maintain.

This brand is also very representative since it has an excellent level of quality and price that make it suitable for all types of budgets.

12. Organize Zoo

This is another totally Eco-Friendly brand so you can be sure that its manufacturing materials are 100% sustainable and organic but of very high quality. In terms of designs and colors, Organiz Zoo has a wide variety so that you can eco gas according to your tastes.

Their adorable t-shirts have very elegant contrasts, which will surely make your little one very happy.

13. M&H

This Spanish brand has very varied models that range from lines for newborns to children of 4 or 5 years of age. The construction of these small garments is made with high quality materials and best of all, they are suitable for washing in a washing machine and drying without problems.

14. Little Cottons

Despite not being 100% Eco Friendly, the English brand Little Cottons bases the manufacture of its garments on natural materials, in addition to the fact that its weaving processes are usually quite sustainable and consequently the value for money is very versatile for any budget.

In terms of designs, they have a lot of variety for both boys and girls, as well as being current and very comfortable.

15. Nanos

With more than 50 years of experience in the Spanish market, Nanos is positioned as a leading company in clothing for babies of different ages and sizes. Its materials are carefully supervised so that each garment has optimal quality and durability.

It is a brand that has built a very good reputation in Spain and that little by little has been making a place for itself in the international market.


In conclusion, there are several baby clothing brands that offer the perfect collection for every kind of baby. It is essential to be mindful of the environment while shopping for baby clothes. If you want to purchase organic baby clothes, you should look for brands that are certified by the Organic Trade Association. Brands such as Preen, Ochre, and Boden are leaders in the market. Also, it’s important to ensure that the materials of the clothing are safe for children. A lot of baby clothing manufacturers do not use harmful chemicals, synthetic dyes or child-resistant zippers.

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