What Nail Color Makes You Look Tan

In summer we always like to look more tanned and yet, many times we do not pay attention to details such as pedicure colors that can help us to highlight our tan.

The first thing we must bear in mind is that being under the UV rays of the sun for a long time is harmful to our skin, so it is very important to sunbathe well-protected with sunscreen with SPF50. In order to maintain the tan obtained from the sun, it is highly recommended to use a quality aftersun.

For the tan to stand out, it is important to choose well both the clothes and the color of the hair, the makeup, and, of course, the color of our manicure and especially our pedicure. The wrong tone on your toenails can make your skin appear duller and therefore you can’t show off your tan.

6 Nail Colors That Most Enhance The Tan Of Your Skin

There are few options left to us to give our look a striking touch through makeup (because let’s face it, fantasy eyeshadows are not for everyone). world). So it is now that manicures come into play more than ever, which have the power to bring an original and colorful detail to our hands and, by extension, to all our styling.

We have already talked about the trends for spring/summer 2020 in terms of nails and we have even launched ourselves into venturing into what may be the next ones that will triumph in fall/winter 2020-2021 (a hint: dark tones in a gothic key and the makeup effect manicure are going to be very important), but there are certain color ranges that seem inherent to the summer season. nail colors that always come back at this time of year, in vibrant shades and with an extra: the power to make your hands stand out and even the tan of your skin.

Because on tanned skin there are certain tones that look better, but even for the palest, there are certain colors that can, by contrast, make you look a little darker or at least create a more flattering result. These are the safe (and most appetizing) bets for this summer.

Red Color:

I am going to start with the tone that can never be missing in a bag regardless of whether it is summer or not. Yes, I am referring to the classic and elegant red enamel. The truth is that this color is very appreciated when it comes to beautifying the hands, it looks good on skin tones and when we talk about highlighting the tan it is a safe bet. It also has the ability to provide a lot of light to the hands and when you have sunbathed, the contrast of the gold of the skin with the red is one of the most attractive.

Orange Color:

Another shade that I love in summer is orange, not just any orange, but an intense, acidic, and luminous orange. Really, as you have a little color, not only will it seem that you are more tanned, but the result will look super bright and fresh.

White Color:

And what about the color white, it has the ability to highlight the tan like no other, and even create the optical effect that you have more color than it seems. Something similar happens when you wear a white bikini, which creates the optical illusion that your skin has even more tone.

Yellow Color:

The yellow color is another that can not be missing, it highlights the skin color a lot and on top of that, it is a very fresh and summery tone. It is not the easiest color but if you do not dare with it in your hands you can give it a try on your feet, you will see how it conquers you.

Fluorine Color:

The neon or phosphorescent tones are the most powerful and yes, they highlight the tan a lot. The best thing is that we don’t have to opt for a single tone, we can combine different colors and do the craziest manicures, and as you already know this season they pertain to it.

Green Color:

Another color of nail polish that brings out the tan of your skin is the color green. It can be any color from the green range: fluorescent green, leaf green, water green, dark green, whichever you prefer. Best of all, it is a color that goes well with any garment and always looks elegant.

Blue Color:

The color blue is also one of the colors that highlight the tan. Like the green color, the blue color that you wear on your nails can be in any of its ranges. Also, if you decide to paint your nails blue, you will be able to combine perfectly with the color of the sea, and thus you will be able to achieve super cute images for Instagram.

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In conclusion, the best thing to do is to go to a salon and ask them which nail color best accentuates your skin tone. Many women choose pink because it’s a lighter shade of red that is very flattering to the complexion. The next best option is a medium-toned red such as cherry or berry. Finally, darker shades of red are too red to look good on pale skin.

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