How To Apply Natural Makeup Step By Step

If you are new to makeup, you may want to try natural makeup. You can use some powder or even lip gloss. Foundation application is essential to give your skin a smooth and even texture. For beginners, you can try brown or light beige shades. If you’re not sure what color to use, stick with a neutral color. Using a concealer on the lids and eyes is an option for the more advanced.

10 Steps Instantly Makeup Natural Beauty

Many people are not familiar with the term. This is a common mistake. You need to know that it is an alternative form of makeup. Use ingredients from nature. If the ingredients are healthy, they are good for your skin. They also do not contain harmful chemicals. Naturally colored products are better for your skin because they tend to stay on the skin more. If you’re not sure what natural makeup is, see a dermatologist to find out which product is best for you.

One of the advantages of natural makeup is that it does not require complicated techniques. You just need some natural products to look beautiful. Plus, it’s less time-consuming than the traditional glam look, which is great for lazy mornings. In addition, it is easy to apply, requiring less time. There are no harmful chemicals or heavy metals. Lastly, natural makeup has no negative side effects and is ideal for casual days.

When choosing your foundation, make sure it blends with your skin tone. Wearing a foundation that matches your skin tone will hide any problem areas while bringing out your best features. Also, the foundation should match your jawline and cover your chin. If you choose to apply powder, make sure to even it out with the rest of your face. Natural makeup is more subtle and is not going to make your face look cakey or unnatural.

Compared to conventional makeup, natural makeup is cheaper and requires less effort. It uses high-quality ingredients and is generally safer than regular cosmetics. You should also avoid heavy metals found in regular makeup. They can damage your skin. If you want flawless natural makeup, you need to avoid the harsh chemicals found in conventional makeup. It is essential to moisturize the skin. However, it is also important to choose products that are not harmful to your skin.

The beauty of natural makeup is that it is easy to make it look beautiful. You don’t need to use many products to enhance your beauty. The basic makeup needed for this look includes liquid blush, BB cream, and light pastel eyeshadow. While these products are essential, some people prefer to use a foundation that is made of a matte finish. There are many types of artificial foundations, but a natural one is the best..I encourage you to read more about this blog here:Tips For Styling Curly Hair Without Breaking The Curls

As long as you don’t wear too much, you should wear a light foundation. This will ensure that your face doesn’t look cakey and that the blush won’t accentuate the color of your lips. You should avoid dark eyelids and bright cheeks. You need to apply a tinted moisturizer. The base is the key to natural makeup. Adding a highlighter can make your eyes stand out. If you are going for full coverage, you will need to choose a darker shade.

Natural makeup is often better for people with sensitive skin. Choosing natural makeup is a good idea if you are looking to cover up your flaws. While synthetic makeup applications can cover up your flaws, natural makeup enhances the best features of the face. A hat can also help you look cool. Wearing makeup is optional, but the overall effect is the same. The emphasis is to enhance the beauty of the face.

Simply apply one or two shades of blush and use a highlighter to highlight the eyes. It is also important to use a makeup remover that is gentle. If you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to avoid using an alcohol-based cleanser, as this can cause makeup to smudge and look cakey.

1. Concealer

The first step is to hide small flaws with a concealer. There are different formats: pencil, palette, cream, bar… There are also different colors. Apply a green one for pimples and redness or yellow to neutralize bruises and dark circles. Of course, you must take into account the characteristics and particularities of your skin to choose the one that best suits your needs.

2. Foundation

A foundation with a fluid texture is the ideal one to achieve a more natural effect since if it is very compact it shows too much. The key is to choose the color closest to your skin to match the tone without the makeup being perceived. For its application, use a damp sponge and blend the foundation on the skin to give it a more even appearance.

3. Blush And/Bronzing Powder

Get rosy cheeks with a soft pink or peach blush. The objective is that it seems that it has been the sun and not the makeup that has given that tone to your skin. Avoid the ornate effect and dark or brown blushes if you have pale skin.

4. Eye shadows And Mascara

Get a pure and intense look without going overboard with makeup. Apply a thin layer of eye shadow on the eyelids. In general, always choose a natural range of colors, such as browns. Then draw a subtle line with eyeliner or eyeliner and apply mascara.

5. Lips

To get juicy lips you must keep them well hydrated. Sign up for the shine that also manages to give volume and choose the lipstick instead of the liner that is more artificial. As for the tones, choose nude or pink colors when looking for natural makeup like this for day to day.

6. Moisturizes The Skin

The first step to learning how to apply makeup and make good natural makeup is skin hydration. Apply your usual moisturizer and eye cream (if you use it), and wait for them to absorb. Hydrated skin will be more receptive to any product that you apply later, extending the duration of the makeup and preventing the products from cracking over the hours.

7. Apply Cream Concealer

If you need to cover or hide any imperfection such as a pimple or a blemish, it’s time to apply the right cream concealer to neutralize that imperfection.

To cover imperfections more effectively, it is important to note that pimples or reddish marks are covered with green cream concealer, while pink marks or dark circles in lilac tones are neutralized with yellow concealer.

Apply the concealer with a small synthetic brush and finish blending it with your fingertip until the product is completely integrated with the skin. If you don’t have a brush, you can also apply it with your fingers, but do it gently so as not to irritate the most sensitive areas of the skin.

8. Apply Bronzing Powder Or Do Contouring

To add a color tone to your face that simulates the natural effect of the sun on your skin, use sun powder or bronzing powder. Take a little product with a large, bushier brush and tap the brush a few times to release any excess product.

Apply only to the areas of the face that have volume or stand out. This means that you only apply it to the contour of the forehead, nose, cheekbones, chin, and jawline. These protruding areas are the ones that are so the most when the sun hits us and if we apply bronzing powder to the entire face equally, the result will be very artificial.

The application should be quick and smooth, almost without touching the face with the brush. In this way, it is avoided to apply a lot of product and a better blending is achieved. In a good makeup, it is essential to always look for naturalness unless you are interested in artistic makeup.

9. Apply Highlighting

It’s easy to apply eye makeup without the right technique. It’s much harder to apply eye makeup properly. To apply eye makeup correctly, you must first understand how eyelids work. Eyelids are made up of two layers of skin. The upper layer is thicker and acts as the top surface of the lid. The lower layer, however, is very thin and acts as a sort of lining. When you apply eyeliner to the lower layer of skin, it will bleed into the upper layer, creating a streaky effect. If you apply your mascara to the outermost edge of the eyelid, the bristles will also stick to the thin lining of the inner edge of the lid, causing clumps of mascara to form in your lashes.

10. Apply Nail Polish

The first thing that you need to do when applying nail polish is to clean up your nails. Start by soaking your nails in warm water for 10 minutes. After drying your hands, apply nail polish without a base coat first. Wait 30 seconds and then rub some cuticle oil onto your cuticles. Then, finish off with a top coat. Once your polish is completely dry, file off any sharp edges.


In conclusion, make sure to pick a good foundation that matches your skin tone, and choose a moisturizer that protects it from sun damage. Apply foundation in a circular motion starting at the center of your face, gradually moving outward toward the hairline and jawline. Then move on to the neck and ears, and blend in with your fingertips. Apply your makeup, paying special attention to the areas where your face is most exposed to the elements, such as the forehead, nose, and chin. Continue applying your foundation, taking extra care to blend it in evenly, especially around the eyebrows, lips, and eyelids.

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